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Reader Rabbit
S P Soft
Kids Section
Rhyme time, an animated version of popular nursery rhymes in english and also stories. The cd will help children learn the rhymes with fun & ease.
Age : 2 - 6 yrs
Rs : 50/-
Pre KG Essentials:
This product will help the parents to enlighten their children with the basic learning skills.
Age : 2+
Rs : 50/-
In this cd, Children can Learn about alphabets, numerals, animals, fruits. Also in this cdthrough the stories children can learn about shapes, relationships, manners & many other useful things.
Age : 4+
Grandpa’s Stories:
Grandpa’s Stories presented for children in an easily understandable manner and also has a good moral value.
Age : 4+
Rs : 50/-
Best of PANCHATANTRA Stories
Panchatantra Stories for children, a collection of Animated stories carefully selected from Panchatantra, retold in a simple and direct manner, children will identify with the good and the bad, the weak and the strong, with kindness & greed, and learn many other use-ful lessons.
Age : 3+
Rs : 50/-
Hindi Primer:
The Kids will find it attractive
and fun to learn through this
colourful presentation.
Age : 3+
Rs : 50/-
Great inventions:
It presents Inventions & Discoveries for children in english & hindi. This CD contains important Inventions & Discoveries that changed the world, in a easy to understand animated styles.
Age : 5 - 12 yrs
Rs : 50/-
Let's Learn Words:
A new way of learning important words, your child should learn as a beginner. The following words are explained with their meanings in an attractive animated presentation.
Age : 3 - 6 yrs
Rs : 50/-

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