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The name “PIONEERS” is synonymous with CD-ROMS. The main objective of pioneers is marketing of CD-ROMS/VCD/DVD/BOOKS of national and international repute. It boasts of possessing one of the largest collections of products with over 1000 titles ranging from edutainment, games, general and professional. Further, it proposes to launch 50 new titles every month! The CD-ROM market is growing at a spectacular Rate in India. Awareness growing demand pioneers has developed a great network of retail outlets level amongst the consumers is on the high thanks to massive advertising by computer and software manufacturers. In order to meet the across the country services such as bundling of products is also provided to cater to the Needs of Insitutions & co-operates.

Pioneers have the comprehensive package of CD-ROMS/VCD/DVD/BOOKS which also Includes mapping & session’s plans for the multimedia learning centers & schools.

Basic details of Pioneers Franchise Investment are given below -

Investment - Rs 10-15 lakhs (as per Tier)

ROI - 35% / Year

Area Requirement - Around 200 / 300 sq. ft.

Time Commitment -8 hours/ day in the first year, 4 to 6 hours/ day after the first year

Locations Available - PAN India

Contact - Mr. Jagdeep Narula,, Mobile - 9821038942,


  • The franchise agreement is valid for a period of 3 years.
  • Exclusive in region/Area/city.
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